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Gibraltar health authority

Gibraltar Health Authority lacked any formal commissioning arrangements and required a more formal approach.  In-Form Solutions was engaged to lead the development of new commissioning arrangements for the Gibraltar Health Authority, with key specialist teaching hospitals providing access to some of the leading hospitals in Europe and remains retained by GHA. New commissioning, contracting and performance management tools have been designed and introduced for complex care pathways, including support services for both patients and clinicians, visiting consultants, patient accommodation, meet and greet services and telemedicine.

In-Form Solutions work closely with senior managers and clinicians in Gibraltar and in the UK to develop commissioning partnerships, leading the contracting framework and processes with a large number of NHS Trusts and partners. Our commissioning support is provided to the Authority as a whole, but we also support the individual queries that clinicians and managers have. We provide ongoing performance management reports to facilitate quality management of the services.

Our work has led to a number of significant outcomes, which have benefited the health economy in Gibraltar:

  • The development and agreement of an annual commissioning plan.
  • Establishment of a secure, online Information and Governance infrastructure through Microsoft 365 applications, Microsoft Teams (for collaboration) and SharePoint (as a repository.)
  • Facilitation of the contracting process and facilitation of agreeing contracts.
  • Preparation and delivery of key contract and performance management documentation.
  • The delivery of a robust commissioning and contracting framework.
  • Securing access of care to some of the top specialist hospitals and clinicians in Europe.
  • Securing remote care for Gibraltar patients and clinicians to improve convenience and outcomes.
  • Enhancing relationships between key providers and Gibraltar Health Authority as well as other island jurisdictions. During the COVID-19 period providing support to ensure the care of patients within the UK and Gibraltar.

The team has worked with the GHA for over 15 years and has always performed their duties to a high standard and over and above the project brief.  They are always quick to react and answer queries and even out of normal working hours. Timescales are always met and they ask questions and for more information when needed in order to meet deadlines and keep to the schedule.  They are good at flagging non answered queries and chasing on the GHA behalf when needed. Their performance is excellent and of a very high standard they are reliable and extremely professional in all aspects of their work."

- Joanna Ferrary of Gibraltar Health Authority

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