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gibraltar health authority

In-Form Solutions have provided senior finance support and mentoring to senior managers, clinicians and to the Finance Department of the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA).

As part of this support, In-Form Solutions examined the cost base of the GHA and presented the Executive Team with opportunities to make changes to the workforce, skills mix and to the overtime roster. Our team then modelled the budget for 2020/21 ready for presentation to Parliament. The model was essentially Excel-based modelling of pay costs, employers’ costs, and multiple enhancements to pay for the multidisciplinary workforce. This included establishing the Capital Programme for 2020/21.

Our team has also acted as the mentors to the senior finance team and developed a programme of departmental and personal development for that team, including an away day using the “Six Hats Thinking” technique. In parallel to this, In-Form Solutions supported the development of an integrated operational plan, cost improvement programme, a new financial ledger system and a roadmap for developing a Patient Level Information Costing System.

The key outcomes and outputs of our work have included:

  • Supporting with the development and establishment of the governance framework and outline plans.
  • Establishing a secure infrastructure of collaboration and repository through Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
  • Preparing, facilitating, agreeing, and presenting the operational annual budget presented to Parliament.
  • Establishing the capital programme for 2020/21
  • Providing senior finance mentoring and benchmarking.
  • Supporting commissioning colleagues with the finance element of some sensitive UK contracts.
  • Developing a cost improvement plan.
  • Preparing and presenting an integrated operational plan for the year.
  • Supporting with the development of the Governments financial ledger including a new Chart of Accounts.
  • Establishing a road map for developing a new patient level information costing system (PLICS).

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