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Benchmarking and Private Patients

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

In-Form Solutions has supported Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust over a number of years with a variety of projects to include, undertaking a benchmarking exercise followed by a number of detailed deep dive reviews in specific clinical and non-clinical areas and a private patient review. 

The benchmarking review identified a number of outlier areas where either performance could be improved or savings be realised. Comparative data was obtained and In-Form Solutions then reviewed the logistics, services and activity of the Trust as well processes and procedures for providing these services. After consultation with the Trust, In-Form Solutions then undertook a deep dive of the key areas where potential opportunities were identified; recommendations were made and where agreeable, action plans were produced. 

In-Form Solutions were also commissioned to undertake a review of private patient services at the Trust. This assignment firstly examined the current activity, resources and costs and then reviewed the existing procedures for managing private patients including billing and collection of income as well as the terms and conditions with the private insurance companies as well as self-pays. A detailed market assessment was undertaken to examine the market potential and available opportunities along with the competition in both the NHS and private hospital both nationally and locally. After this assessment was complete, an agreed approach was then taken and from the results of the competitive pricing review and from the costing review a new tariff was produced, recommended and accepted for the self-pay market. In addition, a strategy was agreed for the private insurance market. In-Form Solutions then on behalf of the Trust successfully agreed new terms of contract with the private insurance companies. The team also contacted and liaised with all the clinical consultants and drew up a database of their skills, availability and costs. 

The assignments terms were agreed with the Trust and Steering Groups were established into which In-Form Solutions played a pivotal role. 

The outcomes were as follows: 

  • Benchmarking Services.
  • Deep Dive Service Reviews.
  • Detailed Market Assessment.
  • Costing private patient services.
  • Designing, developing procedures and protocols. 

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