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A warm welcome to Dawn Bond

We would like to welcome Dawn Bond to our expanding team. Dawn joins us as Business Manager and Data Protection Officer for the company. Dawn has a wealth of financial management, Business Processes and GDPR experience. 

Dawn's e-mail address is or



Digital Outcome & Specialists (DOS3)

In-Form Solutions are delighted to announce that we have been accepted as an approved Digital Outcome Specialists (DOS3) Supplier on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.

Sussex & East Surrey STP

In-Form Solutions are delighted to have been engaged by Sussex & East Surrey STP to support their Urgent Care programme.

In-Form Solutions supporting the 2018 Inter Island Public Health Forum

In-Form Solutions are delighted to be supporting the 2018 Inter Island Public Health Forum Conference to be held in Gibraltar on the 18th October. In-Form Solutions have very close links with many of the islands and we are looking forward to once again seeing old island friends and colleagues but to also making new contacts and acquaintances.

Medway NHS Foundation Trust

We are delighted that we are supporting Medway Foundation NHS Trust with their finance strategy. This is a really important piece of work for the Trust and we are very privileged to have the opportunity to work with the Trust. This assignment commences in September.

Management Consultancy 2 Framework

We are delighted and extremely proud to have been awarded accreditation to the UK Governments RM6008 Management Consultancy 2 (MCF2) four year Framework for Lot 1 a provider of Business Consultancy Services. This framework covers all UK Central Government Departments including the Cabinet Office, Departments of Education, Transport, International Development, Health & Social Care, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, HM Treasury as well as local authorities, the NHS and other government departments in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. 

The link to our profile is

This accreditation is a result of our hard work, commitment and positive outcomes we have provided to our clients over a number of years in which we are very proud.   


North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative

In-Form Solutions are delighted to have been accredited to the North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative as an approved supplier for providing management consultancy services. This is a 4 year agreement from 2018. Only 6 suppliers are approved for each Lot and we are delighted to be one of those approved suppliers. This framework is open to the NHS and clients are able to direct award contracts under this framework which minimises the procurement process for clients. We are only one of six suppliers approved in the following Lots

  • Lot 1: Healthcare Leadership, Governance and related services
  • Lot 5: Healthcare Finance, Commercial and related services

2018/19 QIPP Reviews

We are delighted to once again work with Midland & Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) and Mersey Internal Audit (MIA) to undertake a number of NHS England QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) Reviews throughout England. These reviews involve our team in supporting individual CCG's develop specific QIPP schemes and initiatives and to work with the CSU and MIA to implement this exciting and tremendously successful initiative. John Griffiths is leading this programme supported by our team.

NHS Wales Informatics Service Framework

This August, In-Form Solutions are delighted to have been awarded a three-year Framework for the provision of Commercial Advice to the NHS Wales Informatics Service.

Andrew Hartshorn, our commercial lead for this work, stated “Suppliers continue to play a crucial role in supporting public services but this has to always demonstrate clear value for money.  This Framework represents a tremendous opportunity for us to work with the NHS in Wales, and potentially other public sector bodies, to secure best value deals without compromising service quality or contractual resilience.”

South, Central & West CSU - DPS

We are delighted this August to have been awarded another accreditation for South, Central & West CSU Dynamic Purchasing System for Digital Transformation. This is in addition to our System Transformation accreditation which we were awarded earlier in the year. Thanks again to the team for putting together another successful bid and provides more assurance of our innovative digital services.

Handsworth RUFC

Our Directors John & Jill Griffiths were delighted to attend Handsworth’s RFU Summer Ball in which In-Form Solutions sponsored. Not only was this a very enjoyable evening, but the event raised significant funds to aid the development of the new junior sides in the new season.

NHS Shared Business Services (SBS)

In-Form Solutions  have been successfully accredited to the NHS Shared Business Services Framework (SBS) for Multidisciplinary Consultancy Services as an approved supplier. This is a four year Framework commencing 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2022. This framework is a fully OJEU compliant route to market for the provision of multidisciplinary consultancy services; covering a wide range of specialisms and In-Form Solutions are accredited to the following Lots:

  • Lot 1  - Leadership Governance and Strategy 
  • Lot 2  - Healthcare Service, Development and Transformation
  • Lot 4  - Health and Community 
  • Lot 5  - IT Consultancy 
  • Lot 6  - Finance 
  • Lot 10 - Ancillary Services 

The objective of this framework agreement is to implement a contractual vehicle to facilitate the procurement of quality and value for money for Multidisciplinary Consultancy Services, encompassing a range of professional services covering the whole of the UK. 

The SBS framework provides the ability to directly award a contract to approved suppliers on the framework providing a timely and compliant route to market, reducing the need for costly and lengthy local procurement and tendering processes.

In-Form Solutions were successful in all Lots which they applied for, scoring the top 2 scores of all applicants for all Lots and top in four of these Lots. These evaluations were very much focused on quality of service as opposed to price, which just emphasises that in-Form Solutions deliver a highly effective and innovative service.


G Cloud 10

Previously listed on G-Cloud 9, In-Form Solutions has now been successfully accepted on the UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service's latest procurement framework, G-Cloud 10.

G-Cloud 10 is part of the UK government's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategy, to help the digital transformation of public services by providing a market place to source and purchase cloud-based technologies.

About The Crown Commercial Service

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has brought together Government’s central commercial capability into a single organisation, amalgamating Government Procurement Service with other commercial teams from the Cabinet Office and central government departments.

CCS is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and operates as a trading fund under the Government Trading Funds Act 1973. Their remit is to work with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery.

The CCS goal is to become the “go-to” place for expert commercial and procurement services.

With both service delivery and advisory capability, services include contract management and supplier performance management to ensure that the Government acts as a true, single customer; freeing up individual organisations to focus their procurement expertise on what is unique to them.

Patient Level Information Costing System (PLiCS)

In-Form Solutions are once again delighted to have been appointed to support States of Jersey Health & Social Services to update their costing systems and cost calculations after we successfully installed this system last year. This will both enhance and develop the system in order that year on year comparisons and benchmarking can be undertaken.

Steve Kelly is our lead consultant on this project and he can be contacted at


We take personal data very seriously and as a consequence we are preparing for GDPR by providing a dedicated Your Assurance page. 

Bid Management

We are pleased to launch a bid management and support service where we are able to plan, assess, co- ordinate, write, submit and evaluate public, private and third sector contract opportunities. For more information see our Bid Management and Support page. 

Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Delighted that once again we have passed with flying colours and retained our Cyber Essentials Accreditation. See our certificate.

A Very Happy Easter!

We would like to wish all our staff, partners and clients a very Happy Easter and a well deserved break, looking forward to seeing you in the new financial year! 

SCW Dynamic Purchasing System for System Transformation

In-Form Solutions are now an accredited supplier to the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit, Dynamic Purchasing System for System Transformation.

The South Central and West CSU Dynamic Purchasing System can speed up the procurement of commonly sourced goods and services such as management consultancy and we are now one of their accredited suppliers. Further information can be found at:

This gives our clients another source to engage and procure the services of In-Form Solutions as well as providing further assurance to all our clients. See our Framework Accreditation. 

In-Form Supporting Cheshire

The In-Form Solutions team are delighted to be supporting South Cheshire CCG and Vale Royal CCG with their QIPP programme. 

Christmas and New Year Message

We hope that you all have had a lovely relaxing Christmas and are now refreshed as we embark on a challenging 2018.

2017 for In-Form Solutions has been a very successful year. We have expanded by increasing our portfolio of clients throughout the NHS and overseas, have been accredited on a number of Framework Agreements in the UK and Ireland as well as gaining Cyber Essentials accreditation. This helps to reassure our partners and provides us with new exciting opportunities. We believe that we are successful through a very simple formula; providing innovative thinking, reliability, flexibility and value.  This was demonstrated by our teams completing a number of NHS England QIPP Reviews on time, below budget and all over achieving the QIPP targets set. NHS partners have expressed their continual confidence in us by making new referrals and giving us new opportunities. We also continue to support Gibraltar Health Authority, the States of Jersey as well as our valued partners in Ireland.   

We very much welcome two new members to our team, Andrew Hartshorn and Nick Gerrard who are now well established and are both supporting a number of NHS organisations in England and Wales by undertaking some very high profile assignments.

2018 will be another challenging year as STP’s and ACS establish and expand as they develop integrated health systems within their communities. We are already involved with their development, but we believe we are well placed to support them as we have considerable experience of integrated health systems in Wales, Ireland, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

We would like to thank our staff for their hard work and commitment, but also to our partners for their continual support and we wish you all a very happy and healthy 2018.


David Poynton


Midlands and Lancashire CSU

We are delighted our team to be supporting Midland & Lancashire CSU with their procurement and marketing strategy, led by John Griffiths. 

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

We are delighted to be supporting East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust with their financial planning and development. Nick Gerrard will be leading this exciting project from November. 

Welcome Nick Gerrard

We are delighted to welcome Nick Gerrard to the In-Form Solutions team, where he will be valuable to both our clients and our team. Nick has over 20 years Board Executive experience as an NHS Finance Director for a number of NHS Trusts including those in acute, community and mental health services. He has considerable experience of financial turnaround, recovery, governance, procurement, IM&T and performance management. 

David Poynton our Chairman says "Nick provides our team with the additional financial experience in order to further enhance our products and services and we are now becoming a leading niche supplier of specialist expertise to the NHS and beyond. We have a dynamic multi-disciplinary team, which covers a wide spectrum of management expertise which is enhancing our reputation and offering. We very much welcome Nick to the team."

Bloom Accredited Supplier

We are delighted to be accredited as a supplier of the Bloom Framework Agreement. 

To be accredited to Bloom, In-Form had to go through a comprehensive evaluation whereupon case studies were provided, which were then validated by Bloom with the respective client. We were pleased to submit 14 case studies. 

Trip to Gibraltar

John has just returned from another successful trip to Gibraltar and also enjoyed the fine weather in October! 

Advancement on Nepro

In-Form Solutions are pleased to announce that today we have been further accredited within the Nepro Framework Agreement for the following categories, Re-engineering and Processes, Service Transformation, Effective Change Management and Structured Change. 

This is an addition to our existing category accreditations of Budgetary Management, Business Planning, Commissioning, VFM and Performance Management. 

We very much look forward to working with Nepro on these exciting new ventures. 


Mersey Internal Audit Agency

In-Form are once again delighted to be supporting a series of QIPP reviews in a number of CCG's in the North West in England. Our teams are closely working with the CCG's and MIAA with planning, developing and implementing new innovative QIPP schemes. 

A new initiative and a new partnership

Beautiful Information are delighted to announce our enhanced partnership arrangements with In-Form Solutions In-Form are a provider of effective management solutions to both community and business organisations and have decades of experience in supporting NHS organisations to improve their ways of working. 

John Griffiths, MD of In-Form said “After supporting the team with developing this extremely exciting new suite of products, In-Form Solutions is delighted to further develop these with the NHS and beyond with a view of achieving improved outcomes efficiency and information, beautifully”.

Marc Farr, Founder of Beautiful Information said “we are excited to build upon the relationship we have with In-Form. As a company that is well respected and with many contacts and relationships in the NHS, we hope this enhanced partnership with In-Form will enable our solutions and services to be introduced into many more NHS organisations to the mutual benefit of both In-Form, Beautiful Information and ultimately, the NHS”


NHS Wales Informatics Service

We are delighted and proud to be supporting NHS Wales Informatics Service. Good luck to Andrew and the team on this new exciting assignment! 

G Cloud 9

In-Form Solutions are delighted to have been accredited to the UK Governments G-Cloud 9 framework agreement.

G-Cloud offers a digital marketplace, open to all in the UK public sector. It promotes a list of pre-approved suppliers which enables us all to remove the lengthy costs associated with traditional procurement.


In-Form Solutions are delighted to be approved as accredited suppliers to NEPRO Framework Agreement. 

To be accredited to Nepro, In-Form had to go through a comprehensive evaluation where upon case studies had to be obtained and validated by Nepro. In-Form have been approved in the following Lot categories these being, Budgetary Management, VFM, Commissioning, Business Planning and Performance Management. 

Cyber Essentials

In-Form are delighted to have been awarded the Cyber Essentials Accreditation.

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a world-leading assurance mechanism which demonstrates to our partners and stakeholders that the most important basic cyber security controls have been implemented.

In 2012 the UK government launched the scheme which encouraged organisations to consider whether they were managing their cyber risks. The government emphasised the need for company boards and senior executives to take ownership of these risks and enshrine them within their overall corporate risk management regime.

These initiatives continued to gain traction. However, government analysis of continuing attacks and feedback from industry vulnerability testers identified that a number of security controls were not being applied, leaving organisations vulnerable to threat actors with low levels of technical capability.

The government viewed the adoption of an organisational standard for cyber security as the next stage after the ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ guidance. This was in order to allow organisations, and their customers and partners, to have greater confidence in their ability to reduce the risk posed by threat actors with low technical capability.

In order to be accredited our IT systems and procedures have demonstrated and proven that we have taken the precautions necessary to reduce cyber risks. As part of this process, In-Form Solutions has five key controls in place, these being;

The five key controls

Secure Configuration


Access Control

Patch Management

Malware Software

Cyber Essentials is a scheme which is supported by industry and backed by the Government. It’s designed to help organisations to protect themselves from many commonly-seen online threats to security and to make conducting business over the internet safer within the UK.


Chambers of Commerce

In-Form Solutions are proud to be again members of the Greater Birmingham and the Lichfield and Tamworth Chambers of Commerce in 2018/19. 

Nicole's Race for Life

Nicole ran her first ever long distance run in May for Cancer Research. After all of Nicole’s hard work and training Nicole managed to complete the run in 30 minutes raising over £300! Thank you everyone for your support and kind donations. Well done Nicole !!!!

Manchester Marathon

Jill Griffiths ran her very first Marathon by completing the Manchester Marathon in just over 4 hours 40 minutes, which is a fantastic achievement particularly as she was carrying an injury which may have ruled her out. Because of this injury and the uncertainty whether she would run she is raising money for Crohn's & Colitus UK after the event, so any donations would be hugely welcomed. Thank you all for your support and again well done Jill. 


Taking The Plunge...!

Good Hope Hospital Summer Fete

We had a wonderful day at the Good Hope Hospital Summer Fete. Thank you to the following who have supported the event: - Lamborghini / Bentley Birmingham - Birchfield Harriers - The UK Sepsis Trust - The Whey's.

Supporting Harrogate Golf Club

As part of their commitment to their local communities, In-form Solutions believe it is important to encourage healthy and active lifestyles.  This photo is of the successful Harrogate Golf Club 1st team who won both the Harrogate Union 1st Team league but also the scratch league. In-form Solutions Chairman, David Poynton, is pictured with the team.

Supporting up & coming band 'The Whey's'

In-Form Solutions are proud sponsors of local blues rock band 5-piece, The Whey's.

The Birmingham based 5 piece offer a blues rock experience, with main influences coming from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Two door cinema club, the Rolling Stones and Franz Ferdinand.

After a successful Halloween Charity gig in Birmingham, the helped to raise over £2,000. The Whey's are looking for new venues to play across the Midlands.

The Whey's played to a sold out hall at a South African themed Charity event in Birmingham.


Birchfield Harriers Boys Team

John Griffiths, Managing Director of In-Form Solutions was Team Manager of Birchfield Harriers Boys Team - a successful group of talented athletes.

Birchfield Harriers is the UK’s premier athletics club and has been represented at every summer Olympics bar one since 1908.



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