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Community Services Transition

St Helen's CCG

St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group had come together with a number of other organisations, including service providers, local authority, CCGs and other public services (the “Health and Social Care Partners”) in order to integrate and improve local services through the “St Helens Cares” collaboration. In-Form Solutions supported the Health and Social Care partners to align services and achieve this. The work involved the integration and transition of a wide range of community services covering 13 service lines across three CCGs and four NHS providers. Our team developed a bespoke programme to support the governance structure, establishing an overarching Project Transition Board with several task and finish groups.

Throughout this programme, In-Form Solutions provided day to day support to senior managers and clinicians from a number of NHS and local authority providers. The project covered a nine-month period, which was successfully delivered in two stages and overcame several challenges including logistical and estate issues, TUPE, finance, staff engagement and COVID-19.

The key activities and outputs include:

  • Supporting with the development and establishment of the governance framework and outline plans.
  • Developing numerous project management plans, risk assessments and monitoring and reporting processes.
  • Developing the financial principles and Memorandum of Understanding between partners and stakeholders.
  • Establishing a secure infrastructure of collaboration and repository through Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
  • Undertaking various service specification and resources reviews and supporting the HR and TUPE processes.
  • Establishing a robust process of due diligence, including establishing the information requirements, processes and collection of data, horizon scanning and actively managing the provision and clarification of any information.
  • Developing and maintaining a “Go to” document which was regularly updated (at least monthly) and shared with all stakeholders. This was a summary of key data which partners could easily review and assess.
  • Developing and finalising various governance documentation, including regular management reports, DPIA, QIAs.
  • Developing, establishing and attending consultation meetings.
  • Identification of, planning and developing various options for relocating services.
  • Chairing and attending task and finish groups, as well as the overarching Transition Board.
  • Ensuring the successful delivery of transition within the two stages including evaluation.

The key outcome of our work has been the successful transfer of all services by the target date of 1st April 2020. In turn this has secured the services that were previously delivered by an at-risk provider and ensured that they are closer to home for patients. Additionally, governance and information have improved, while clinical engagement has been enhanced across the board, in hospitals, specialist services and GP surgeries.

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