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Whether you are grappling with transition, are a long established organisation aspiring to higher levels of performance or undergoing organisational or system change, rising to the challenges of the governance agenda is a must for any organisation that wants to be in the top rank.  Reviews of organisational failings repeatedly come to a common conclusion that failure arises from ineffective governance by the board. Such reviews continually reinforce the message that governance is the board's responsibility; it is their unique contribution to the organisation that directly contributes to success or failure.

Our approach to reviewing your Board's effectiveness covers:

  • Considering best practice requirements and actual practice
  • Reviewing the Board's agendas
  • Observing and analysing board meetings
  • Assessing individual board members
  • Reviewing and informing you of the quality and experience of the Board leadership
  • Providing an opinion on board assurance
  • Coaching the Board or individual Board Members

The key benefits are:

  • Independent assurance of the fitness for purpose of your governance arrangements
  • Robust governance and assurance frameworks providing credible reports to the board
  • A "road map" to enhance board performance through better governance and regulatory compliance


The In-Form Solutions team provides the optimal blend of coaching, guidance and hands on support from vastly experienced staff that have been instrumental in many board evaluation and development projects.

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