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Healthcare systems throughout the world including the NHS calls for greater integration of healthcare services, of health and social care, and of physical and mental health services. Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integrated Care Systems are a vehicle to enable providers and commissioners to collaborate in order to take accountability for a defined set of resources and make faster improvements in the quality of care and the health and well-being of their population. It also encourages health care prevention and care closer to or at home. 

In-Form Solutions are experienced to support the integration of health services due to its experience in integrated systems within Wales, the Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar and Europe as well as the NHS. We have supported teams and clinicians with establishing community care, the use of telemedicine, new information systems and hubs and visiting networks leading to greater collaboration and support.

We have experience of:

  • Insight by supporting health systems with financial and operational management and planning, quality and clinical outcome measurement.
  • Transformation and Change Management by supporting health systems with pathway optimisation and care model design and contracting, workforce leadership development and primary care support.
  • Patient empowerment and activation through the development of self care strategies, personalised health commissioning, referral management, innovation such as telemedicine and telecare and out of hospital care.
  • System Optimisation Support through demand management and transition of care between organisations, command centres, developing provider relationships, procurement, financial management and assurance and effective modernisation of services that meets the needs of the community.

We work closely with clinicians, managers and users of services and connect them with centres of excellence in order that their services can develop and modernise.

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