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Providing solutions to match an evolving and rapidly changing environment


Today's rapidly changing and evolving environment places many demands on staff, yet the level of resources and sometimes the skills, to meet immediate business needs cannot always be met in-house. At such times In-Form Solutions are able to provide and inform you with the right solution quickly and effectively.


We at In-Form Solutions, provide able and experienced staff when you need them and, just as importantly, for just as long as you need them. We can provide these flexibly over a period of time either individually or as a team and we particularly specialise in completing specific projects or tasks. Our fully experienced professionals are all personally known to us, and we know they can deliver excellent outcomes.

The key benefits of our interim management service are:

  • No costly 'learning curves' to pay for
  • No recruitment costs
  • No sickness or holidays to cover for
  • No on costs such as national insurance or equipment (cars, laptops / phones etc), little supervision time
  • Proven experienced specialists provided quickly and flexibly
  • We arrange and assure that all UK tax liability and accreditation is undertaken (IR35).

You have total flexibility, whether you want to take on a team long or short term, we can act quickly without committing to any long term commitments. We offer cost effective daily fee rates. We are focused on delivering positive outcomes and solutions for you and your team.

Typically, we provide solutions to:

  • Cover for maternity or long term sick leave
  • Extra resources to help manage in times of high workload especially at peak periods such as year end
  • Recover from any backlogs
  • Cover for an in transition, closure or termination
  • Recruitment difficulties
  • Staff shortages pending the arrival of new appointees
  • Cover to allow key skills to be released for special projects

The insight that our team brings also offers opportunities to develop and enhance your organisation's performance.

Our staff span a wide range of roles including:

  • Chief Executives Operating Officers & Service Managers
  • Finance, Commissioning & HR Directors and staff
  • Senior & Junior Finance Staff
  • Marketers & Business Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Turnaround Specialists


As we are flexible, independent and cost effective, we are able to provide a solution to be tailored to your needs in that we are able to provide integrated teams and solutions who are able to fulfill a specific project, outcome or solution such as the completion of an Operational / Business Plan or Business Case. This is our Interim Management - Plus Solution.